Quiet land

Quiet land

Hi everybody !

So this is my first post since I moved my photoblog to Pixyblog yesterday. I am very happy to be on Pixyblog and to share with some great photographers I've seen here. Fortunately I could move all the photos and comments I got back from 2005 when I started to photoblog.

Everything is running smoothly and I want to thank the nice fellows of Pixyblog's  team, who gave me some directions in order to migrate my existing data. You can read more on this subject here and here.

About this shot : I took it in July on Belle-Ile, a french island in the atlantic ocean. Belle-Ile means "beautiful island" and it really deserves its name. The story behind this shot is that I took it while walking under the sun to get to my car and go back to pick up my wife and son who were exhausted afer a 3 hours walk in the land. They couldn't walk anymore, so I left them in a shady place, picked up my camera (but left the camera bag with all my equipment) and walked another hour under the sun to get to the car…This shot was taken on the same little road where I also took this one. The cows were on the right side, the ocean was on the left side of the road.

I'd love to hear your comments about these shots.



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