Sunrise over the Dead Sea

Sunrise over the Dead Sea

This shot was taken from the snake path at Massada, Israel at 5 AM. Massada is a rock where a group of Jews, called the Zealots, resisted to the Romans during about 2 years (70-73 CE) and finally comitted a mass suicide instead of beeing slaves under their enemies. Today Massada has become a symbol for men who cherish freedom.
Climbing Massada by foot (although there is a cable car) to see the sunrise over the Moab mountains is a “classic” journey for those who want to see a beautiful and incredible lanscape. It’s also very emotional . Believe me, it’s something you don’t forget.

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  1. Looks like you did it at dawn as well if my geography is correct. When I climbed up I thought I heard echoes in the cliffs of the besieged Jews singing religious songs to keep their spirits up. Very peaceful shot.

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