Holes of light

Holes of light

While beeing so different from yesterday’s photo, this one was also taken in Grenada. This “window” is one of the incredible and numerous hand-made pieces that the Albaicin offers to the visitor. This shot has been taken in a room not far from thurday’s post.
Technically speaking, these shots were not easy to take and to post-process. First, although hundreds of tourists are taking pictures of this magnificent palace, tripods (and even monopods) are forbidden. I didn’t know until a guard came and asked me to stop using my mini-tripod. Even though there was still some light outside, it was the end of the afternoon and inside the building, the amount of available light was not very abundant. I was facing the sun outside and to be able to keep the details in the walls, I had to overexpose the shot a little bit. I could have set the ISO a bit higher, but in such a scene, the D70 has a tendency to bring a lot of numeric noise sometimes even at 400 ISO. So I stayed at 250 ISO and handled my camera as firmly as possible while shooting at 1/15sec. Post-processing consisted mainly in finding the right white balance. The original raw file had been taken with the D70 set on auto-white balance mode. The resulting shot was much too yellow, so I used DxO Optics Pro to manually adjust the WB. Then a curve layer was used to correct the reds which were too predominant. Another curve layer on RGB was then used to lighten the picture globally and reveal more details in the angle of the room, almost invisible in the original file. I’m quite satisfied with the result, but your opinion is much welcome.

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  1. I think Albeniz wrote a piece of this title though I can’t bring it to mind. I like the pointillistic effect and wish I could see the detail in the upper wall. I always feel humiliated when museum staff get in the way of photography and prefer to sketch rather than snap though this would be an extremely ambitious subject to see the least.

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