Cooking the Duck

Cooking the Duck

The Duck rosted “à la goutte de sang” is a worldwide famous recipe invented by Frederic at the Tour d’Argent in Paris. Years later, the same ceremony takes place everyday, where the duck’s carcass is manually crushed in a silver press and then cooked with Cognac, Madera wine, lemon juice and other well-kepted secret elements. After beating this mix during at least 25 minutes, it is then served on the duck’s filet that has been cooked separately. Many people consider this as the perfection in french cooking. Personnaly, I found it OK, but I had a little deception in the taste of the sauce.
I liked the fact that the man does the job in exactly the same way and at the same place that it was done for people like King Edward VI in 1890, Emperor Hiro Hito in 1921 or John Lennon and the Beatles.

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  1. He certainly has the look of a waiter that is looked at. Perhaps the spectacle is more important than the taste… Black and white helps with the timelessness of this shot I think.

  2. J’adore cette photo.
    Comme les autres, je trouve qu’il y a une atmosphère très particulière. Le choix du N&B est très judicieux.
    On s’attend à voir apparaitre Edward G. Robinson ou Humphrey Bogart.
    Superbe !

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